The story

MALEMBE is a sound library specialized in the drum kit “Culo e’ puya”, typical of the Barlovento region, Venezuela. Designed based on traditional techniques, this bookstore is designed to infuse authentic Afro-Venezuelan flavor into your musical productions. Its main purpose lies not only in documenting and disseminating the musicality inherent in “Culo e’ puya” and Afro-Venezuelan culture, but also in fostering its appreciation, study and preservation in an increasingly globalized and diverse world. In addition, it offers a precise and accessible way to immerse yourself in the rhythmic richness of this folkloric expression.
Malembe’s transcendental purpose goes beyond the mere collection of sound samples. Exploring the “Culo e’ puya” drum ensemble within Afro-Venezuelan folk groups provides an opportunity to connect with the deeper stages of Afro-Venezuelan spirituality. This library allows users to explore and enjoy these rhythms, thus encouraging the flourishing and evolution of their musical preferences.
The essence of Malembe lies in its ability to provide an authentic and enriching sound experience, which not only celebrates tradition and cultural heritage, but also offers a platform for creativity and musical exploration.
With Malembe, you’ll have instant access to an exceptionally curated collection of sound samples that capture the very essence of Afro-Venezuelan culture, Malembe offers you an unparalleled sound experience that invites you to explore, experiment, and create without limits.





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