The story

There is a certain unfortunate timing with releasing this library but I have been working on this one for a while and wanted to share it and make it available to people regardless…

A couple of years ago I replied to a local ad giving away a “Soviet Synth” for free.
I didn’t have more information but I was instantly intrigued and arranged to pick it up that same day.
I was met by a nice lady who’s son had moved out to another country and didn’t need it anymore. He wanted to give it to a musician who’d have a use for it.
The synth is a Мануал Manual synthesizer from Soviet times. It’s essentially a 4 register electronic organ .
I have since used the synth on a lot of pieces on my youtube channel and decided it was time to convert it into a sample library / virtual instrument.

Covering 4 octaves on each or 4 registers . Each register is separated by one octave and has a distinct tone .
The original Manual synth offers the option of global Sustain and Release, a global LP filter .

I decided to apply individual filter and full ADSR for each register as well as the option to pan and fine tune each register. I also added a global ADSR to take over all individual parameters if needed, aside from the 2′ register that seems to have one set regardless as quite possible result of a small fault in my model.

I added more convolution reverb, the usual metal sheet and two other 100% home made samples.
They can be stacked into one massive reverb or set individually using the controls beneath the reverb knob.

I included a few presets in a separate folder , to be placed under : C:\Users\[##user##]\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Kontakt\

The library can be used just like the original or more fine tuned to create some much more interesting sounds : plucks, swells, pads, leads … making it a much more versatile option than the original.

I hope it finds a use is someone else’s musical work at some point.


Reviews for Мануал Synth

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  • A unique sounding synth/organ

    This sample pack has some really unique character! Adding in different registers gives you a huge variety of sounds, all pleasantly synth. The UI is straight forward and obvious, with pan, tuning, and a lowpass filter with a an ADSR EG per register. There's also a global ADSR controlling a volume envelope. The three LEDs below the reverb control offer three different types of reverb which can be not only switched but also combined together for mammoth reverb sounds.

    This is a very fun and playable instrument! Check it out!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 May 2022
  • A different way to mess with a synth!

    This is a different take on a multi-layered synth with a relatively simple and familiar sound. The difference is that you can adjust each of the four layers individually, including the ADSR envelope, on top of individual pan, filter and fine-tuning options.

    If you completely isolate a layer you might manage to hear some slight noises coming from the background, but they nearly inaudble. You might also find that if messing with the global envelope will probably break your other settings, so try to be careful with it.

    Alex Raptakis20 March 2022
  • This will prove a good source of inspiration for some people in the PB community!

    I really like this instrument. Think of it as a synthy version of a classic Vox organ. What is great about it is its simplicity, but it has a good amount of control over shaping the sound.

    The inclusion of panning knobs for the 4 different voices are what make for some really cool sounds. the same goes for the fine tune controls. Where you can create the 'unison' effect by slightly detuning the voices.
    All the samples are clean and sound great. But the ADSR controls on the UI are a little small and annoying to use. I'm nitpicking though, if you have a free set of faders in front of you, just assign them to the UI.

    Great work!

    R.Treves07 March 2022