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The Ann & Robert H. Lurie Carillon, built in 1996, is one of only 23 grand carillons in the world. It is comprised of 60 bronze bells, spanning five octaves from G2 to G7 in scientific pitch notation, cast by the Royal Eijsbouts bell foundry in Asten, the Netherlands.

The carillon is housed in a 167-foot-tall 51 metres campanile – designed by the father of postmodern architecture, Charles Moore, Hon. D. Arch – in the North Campus of the University of Michigan. Its bourdon (the lowest bell) alone weighs six tons.

The samples were recorded and edited in October 2016 by Isaac Levine with the assistance of Ashton Baker, Rowena Ng, Rachael Park, and Anjana Rajagopal. This was made possible by a grant from the University of Michigan Bicentennial.

I have included the following features to the original samples:
Volume normalisation: Higher bells are naturally quieter than lower bells. This control adjusts the volume of the samples proportionally to pitch. At 100% all samples will playback with the same peak volume.
Release: adjusts the amount of release on the instrument-wide AHDSR filter. Set it to at least 15 seconds to hear the full recorded sample of each bell.
Distance effect: simulates the effect of increased distance from the carillon by blending the original recordings with 100% wet samples that have processed through the Waves IR-1 convolution reverb with an urban out-door impulse response and lowering the cut-off of a lowpass filter.

More information about the carillon can be found on the University of Michigan’s website,, and on their blog dedicated to their two carillons,

The original sample are generously made available by the University and may be downloaded from the blog,

Compatible with Kontakt 6.6.1 or newer.


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  • Best chuch bells!

    If you were looking for a church-bell library, this is it. It has been sampled amazingly well, and along with a fantastic GUI design, it is simply perfect for what it offers. Highly recommended!

    Alex Raptakis17 January 2022
  • What a treat

    So cool to have these sounds to play with. Thanks for this one.

  • Perfect

    A carillion, plain and simple. Sounds great and very useful.

    Christer12 January 2022
  • The Bells Are Alive

    It is a real privilege to have access to the sound of this bell especially since it's so well recorded. For me it is a very evocative sound that although won't find itself useful for every project will definitely come into it's own one day. The gui is very attractive and well thought out with control of the release and volume balancing. All in all a lovely little instrument

    TheButlerDeclines29 September 2022