The story

Kelvin here, so recently I was gifted a pretty decent Luna ukulele
from my mother, and after learning how to play it. I finally decided
to make my first Sample Pack, I ran into a lot of problems when
making it (like the effects not working in Decent Sampler)
but it was generally pretty easy, I first made the SFZ File since
it was easier for me to make and then converted it to Decent Sampler.

Here’s some actually useful info, I recorded it using an AT2020+
(a Basic Condenser Microphone) Pretty close to Ukulele
(around 6-7 inches away) with 2-4 RRs per note on each string/fret.
The Interface (Decent Sampler) only has the generic Tone and Reverb
effects, in new versions I might look into figuring out how to make more
ex. Release (It has it now).

After that, I was left with a sampled instrument that I’m pretty proud of
especially for my first one, if you have any commentary, feedback, or criticism
I’d be happy to hear it, I hope this proves good enough for you to use.


Reviews for Lunar Ukulele

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  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Decent ukulele

    The pack is simple, but has an acceptable quality. The range of notes is wide and allows you to make decent tracks. Although the background image is very nice, there are two things that can be changed. One of these is the color of the circular controls; gray doesn't blend very well with the color shades of the background. While another change that can be made is to move the controls to the right side. You could also add the pack name to the image to make better use of the space.

    GuilleDSamplist 29 September 2022
  • A simple, humanized ukelele

    This is a nicely sampled ukelele that features lots of round robins and a nice overal sound signature. There are some minor tonal issues that might be heard even between the round robins on the same key, but overall it adds a human touch to it. The playable range is a little more than 3 octaves long, and it comes with a nice reverb that goes well with it, along with a tone knob that "activates" if you turn it down lower than normal.

    It's awesome to have it on DecentSampler and Sforzando though, which means absolutely for free for everyone!

    As a comment to the creator, for some reason, the sample files are duplicated. They share the same name but in a difefrent format (flac and wav). I recommend sorting by type and deleting all .flac files, since the insturment is already very small and it reads the .wav files by default.

    Alex Raptakis07 May 2022
  • Rarely see a good sounding ukulele

    I have admittedly not had so many ukulele instruments, but I think this one is super handy. The sound is well recorded and it sounds good out of the box, unlike many often bad ukuleles out there. Its one of the better ones.
    Not much going on in the UI.

  • The authentic ukulele experience (?)

    Some nice ukulele sounds with clear, clean sampling and round robins for more realistic playing, as well as some percussive hits. Unfortunately like a lot of real-life ukuleles there are some intonation issues, especially in the lower notes, which prevent me from really enjoying the instrument.
    I think this ukulele could be even better with some velocity layers to give a bit more versatility / control - a few extra RRs or randomness in triggering order for the percussive sound could also help. But the first and easiest improvement would be getting the notes nicely in tune, which would significantly improve the playability and usability.

    EamonSamplist 06 May 2022