The story

During a recording safari, in a street in Milan I recorded two street artists playing some Vivaldi suites, the street was rather congested with sounds of the city, trams, buses, construction sites and all the daily pollution worthy of every metropolis, I decided to transform these sounds and create an instrument to create urban restlessness, Have fun!! Leo

Reviews for LO-FI MILAN

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  • Industrial Soundscapes of Delight

    Deep and dirty down in the factory. Smoke, grime and the smell of hard sweat of a thousand workers.
    Wonderful stuff. Thank you.

    Rubin26 April 2022
  • Unusual sounds

    This is a peculiar one - it sounds great, but it's hard to think of a wide range of use cases. The sounds are almost an experimental piece in themselves rather than something that will easily slip into other compositions. Certainly I could see this being used in a moody soundtrack but the sounds are so specific that they should almost stand alone.
    Very interested to hear more stuff.

    johnparttimer22 April 2022
  • 27 Amazing SFX

    This is an INCREDIBLE collection of different sound effects, that you don't even need Kontakt to use them. You can simply use the sample files directly, since this instrument is not meant to be played musically with the help of a sampler. It is honestly an amazing, well recorder bundle of very cool sound effects.

    Alex Raptakis24 April 2022
  • For every sample pack there is a season...

    Just over two octaves of well processed recordings mostly pitched down for maximum moody effect. There are percussive samples and some that evolve over many bars. Limited those its use may be there is enough here to inspire new music and compliment hybrid scores especially around Bbmin.

    TheButlerDeclines22 April 2022