Tabla-like percussive sounds created from everyday objects....

The story

A very long time ago I attended a solo concert by Jack DeJohnette in Greece. He played (separately) three instruments: the drums, the piano, and the UDU drum ( It changed and marked my life and musical perception for ever.
Fast forward a couple of decades, I’ve started producing electronic music using the obvious suspects: synths and samplers.
The fascination I had for the tabla (pitch bend+bass) the rhythmical complexity and wealth it offers, never stopped nagging me. I’ve never succeeded forcing my self buying a set or even learning the very basics.
All this hasn’t stopped me using the sound in various ways.
Lots of times I drum on a surface, a table, a kitchen bowl or something..

This sample set is created through a diversity of hits on these 3-4 items. They remind me of the sound of UDU and/or tabla. I realize they are far away from them, but I hope they’ll prove quite usable for you, too. Enjoy!


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  • Nice sounds, could use tweaking

    These are some great kitchen percussion sounds. However, the Kontakt programming could use some tweaking. There's a lot of dead air at the beginning of most of the samples that could be trimmed up. However, the amount is different on every sample, so as a result, even material which is quantized to 100% will play back slightly out of time. Even with this issue, the sounds are worth downloading and trying out. It's simple enough to trim them up to your liking in Kontakt.

    Sam Ecoff19 October 2021
  • Simple dry kitchen percussion

    It's not bad... It's just really simple, really dry and if you try to play a little faster, eg for something for of an action sequence, you will notice a click in some samples that pops out in the attack, which can become unpleasant very quickly. It's also bothers me that as soon as you let the key, the sample stops immediately, which is kind of not proper for a percussion sample.

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021
  • Not bad percussion

    Not bad percussion sounds. The sounds could use some help fx, etc. Maybe distorting them and throwing some phase/flange can go a long way. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021