Joshua’s Martin

A limited edition Martin recorded through an Avalon 737 Pre, using an AKG 414....

The story

Of all my instruments, this one I am probably most attached to. They only made 250 of these Martins. After playing about 20 models I heard this one, and grabbed it! It has a warm rich tone, so I thought I’d try and sample it. I recorded it through an Avalon 737 Pre , using an AKG 414 . I compressed a little with a Universal Audio 1176. I also included a version that doubles each string (not octaves). It has a little bit of a Bouzouki vibe which I thought was kind of cool. And last I made a pad from the guitar using some reverses and the new FREE Vahalla SuperMassive Reverb/Delay. A special shout out to Dave Hilowitz for sharing his “Random No Repeat” Kontakt script on his awesome Youtube channel!


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  • Great Acoustic

    This is another great from Joshua. Just like the rest of his libraries, this one doesn't disappoint. There are three round robins for each note, and each note in the chromatic range was sampled. Clearly a lot of time nd effort went into this sample pack! The sounds is generally tonally even with just a couple of exceptions of notes that sound like they were accidentally palm muted. Regardless, this library is highly playable and fun!

    Sam Ecoff21 October 2021
  • Low dynamics are not good for a guitar

    This pack contains 3 instruments. A guitar, a doubled guitar and a pad. The "single" guitar is alright, but it has too much noise for my taste, and there are literally no dynamics at all, except for a very distinct round-robin of 3 samples. I'd stay away from the "Doubled" patch, since it just doubles up the noise as well and becomes just too much to be used anywhere. The pad is very nice though, which features a nice ping-pong effect between the left and right channels. Unfortunately there is no GUI to do any touchups, other than a plain guitar image.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • It's a Martin

    A great guitar Library. The pad is the star for me though! Some very interesting and useful sounds in there. The sound of the Martin is wonderful but I would choose to play 'a real guitar' every time. That's just personal choice.

    Ray19 October 2021
  • Authentic and nice sound of guitar!

    Beautifully captured guitar sound. I was looking for a simple guitar sound and this Martin guitar tone is perfect!

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • One of My Favorite Guitars

    I love the sounds in this sample. The clean sound of the guitar is something I've found hard to find in even some less expensive libraries, let alone free ones. And the pad is really cool sounding and always starts the creative juices flowing.

    Extraplanar Music13 October 2021