The story

This is a Schlagwerk 2inOne Cajon which I bought in 2014 with the intention of taking it busking. Unfortunately, I never got round to that and have instead been using it as an item of decorative furniture for the best part of a decade. I now finally own some microphones and an audio interface, and decided this underappreciated instrument should be my first step into the world of sampling.

This particular cajon is so called because it has removable snares. This means it can produce a modern snare cajon sound, but also a more traditional Peruvian cajon sound when the snares are removed. This library gives you both!

Featuring 5 different hits across various parts of the cajon, each with 8 round-robins and 2 velocity layers, and recorded separately with left and right hand. All samples have been recorded with snares in and snares out using two microphones (an SM57 at the back, and an SL75C at the front), giving a total of 640 individual samples. The samples have been edited and cleaned up in Reaper, and are provided in Kontakt 6 and Decent Sampler formats.


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  • Very good cajon library!

    I'm in the process of producing a folk EP for a friend of mine who herself and he bandmate only have harp, harmonium, bouzouki and vocals, but they want a full sound. This one, together with a bodhran library, works really well for creating a natural sounding rhythm part to support what they play live. Love it!

    Dave7117 May 2024
  • Well, this is just lovely!

    Having used the nice cajon library by PMEDig for some music projects in the past, I was excited to see Jon's Cajons pop up on Pianobook. And after playing around with it for a bit, I am well impressed!

    This is a very solid and usable instrument. What I like most is the quality and attention to detail. From the sheer number of samples included, to the cheerful UI that can be understood at a glance, to the filters and controls for mic balance, to the cute little slappy hands...

    Just excellent stuff Jon, thank you! You've made a lovely instrument here, and I think I'll be reaching for it quite often...

    Saturnias01 November 2023
  • Brilliant

    It sounds great, and the images showing where on the cajon you're playing are very cool. Great job.

    Barth25 February 2024
  • nicely done

    the previous reviewer pretty much said it - nice recordings, I'm always a fan of round-robin, easy-to-use interface

    mfbSamplist 02 November 2023