Jaymar Toy Piano

A Jaymar Toy piano from an antique store...

The story

I discovered pianobook a month or two ago. I’ve fallen in love! But I don’t have a traditional 88 key piano. So I decided to record my Jaymar Toy piano I bought from an antique store several years ago. Thanks to Christian, I’ve had the idea to modify the piano, adding a felt option, and opening up the front.

I’m submitting, knowing full well this is a draft. I’ve got plans for a V1.2, to be recorded later at night, and with more setup. This initial recording was an experiment, but it turned out to be a fairly well sounding experiment.

At this point, I’m looking for feedback, and fully understand if this doesn’t make it to the website. Especially with this “Story”! I’ve got a better one in the readme, in case you decide to put this in the library.


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  • A rather in tune toy piano

    This sounds like a toy piano but has a pro feel to it. The tuning is great which often is not the case with toy instruments. You can actually get pretty expressive music out of this.

    Boag111 October 2021