The story

I discovered pianobook a month or two ago. I’ve fallen in love! But I don’t have a traditional 88 key piano. So I decided to record my Jaymar Toy piano I bought from an antique store several years ago. Thanks to Christian, I’ve had the idea to modify the piano, adding a felt option, and opening up the front.

I’m submitting, knowing full well this is a draft. I’ve got plans for a V1.2, to be recorded later at night, and with more setup. This initial recording was an experiment, but it turned out to be a fairly well sounding experiment.

At this point, I’m looking for feedback, and fully understand if this doesn’t make it to the website. Especially with this “Story”! I’ve got a better one in the readme, in case you decide to put this in the library.

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  • Joyous Jaymar

    I love this. Its such cheerful fun sound which with the right notes can be creepy too! Well recorded and efficiently executed as an instrument. Really great.

    NemoralisMusicSamplist 16 August 2022
  • A very wide Toy Piano

    This well recorded toy piano has a really wide soundscape. It is decidedly stereo as one of its predominant features. The recording is well executed, as is the Kontakt programming. It is very playable, albeit in a somewhat limited range. The samples themselves seem to be free of noise, and if you're looking for a natural sounding toy piano, this won't leave you wanting.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 07 November 2021
  • Really clean sampling

    I think this is by far the cleanest sampling of a toy piano on pianobook. You still get all those characteristic artifacts of a toy piano but i song hear any white noise which is super awesome. The recording is pretty nice as well, very close and clear sounding. I dont use toy pianos often but im definitely gonna stash this one away for safe keeping

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • One of the cleanest toy pianos!

    Oh the sampling on this one is fantastic! It really sounds great, it plays very well and it also comes with controllable release triggers. The playable range is 2-and-a-half octaves, which is bigger than a regular toy piano, and the good part is that it doesn't really sound that stretched. I don't think you will need much else when it comes to a standard toy piano. This is a great one!

    Alex Raptakis03 November 2021
  • A rather in tune toy piano

    This sounds like a toy piano but has a pro feel to it. The tuning is great which often is not the case with toy instruments. You can actually get pretty expressive music out of this.

    Boag111 October 2021
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