Ivers & Pond 1937 Swing Era Grand

A pre-war era grand piano from Ivers and Pond....

The story

When my wife and I and our two toddlers arrived in the USA from England almost twenty years ago, we had little money left over to purchase luxuries, and were nearly in tears at having to leave our piano permanently in England due to the cost of shipping it. Despite having no cash left, we saw this dusty old thing with bad varnish in the corner at Harry Day pianos in Atlanta calling to us one day while trying all kinds of uprights in our meagre budget. It took just one note to fall in love with this pre-war, swing-era original Grand, and we just had to have it no matter what the cost. It’s gorgeous, lush sound has filled our house with love, sorrow, and inspiration every day since. I now travel coast to coast regularly but have only just got around to sampling it so i can take it, and the love it’s given us, with me everywhere I go (I even have it loaded into onto my iPhone DAW in case I get a spark of inspiration in the supermarket!).


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  • This barely works...

    There is a lot of work to be done, because there are many problems to be solved. The first thing I noticed is that all of the notes are almost hard-panned left. All notes produce a very prominent white noise, and in addition to that there are some notes are their pitch is so low that you can basically hear only the white noise along with some weird sub frequencies. There is barely any dynamic velocity control, so you can only play kind of loudly. On top of all those issues, there are no options to play around so you can't really fix anything. It's sad though because you can hear that the piano has quite a character. It would be lovely if this could get a revamp!

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021