The story

I have always liked the sound of drums recorded through my iPhone, so that’s what I wanted to make! I used my phone as a single mono room mic, because thats where I like it. I also liked how distorted and huge the room sounds, I hope you enjoy! This is a test sample pack, I will re-sample the kit with more dynamic layers and round robbins in the future!

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  • This is fun

    Thank you for this, I like the kick sound a lot. This will work into my projects nicely.

    Seth28 February 2022
  • Lo-Fi greatness

    The iPhone mic gives it an unexpected depth that's similar to an '80s drum machine. It lacks a few obvious instruments, namely stick clicks, rims, and handclaps, but it's otherwise a basic rock kit that you should definitely give a go to.

    Allan13 May 2022
  • Always Need Lo-Fi Dirty Drums

    I love the sound of these drums. I'm a drummer myself and I've heard and loved this sound all my life. Whether it be an old cassette tape deck, or a phone, it has a character that is so fun to play with. This sample pack is very simple and straight forward but that's really all you need.

    Scott J MasonSamplist 29 September 2022
  • Surprisingly good

    I was surprised at how much i liked this. It has a very trashy dirty sound thats really cool. I particularly like the kick and snare a-lot. I can see myself using these. I wish there were more round robins on the hi hats because i feel like they can start to sound robotic when playing fast patterns. But all in all for what this is, considering it was recorded on an iPhone, its a cool instrument

    septemberwalk29 October 2021
  • Overall Good!

    I found the drums nice for some degradation in your drums. I haven't download many drum kits, but it's a good, simple library. If you're looking for drums with a new character, this is for you!

    FoYo20 January 2022
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