The story

This Summer I was on holiday in the Italian Alps and my love for the mountains one day convinced me to go for a walk in a forest and when I was there I sat down listening to the sound of the trees. That moment I thought I really wanted to collect sounds from that environment, picked up my phone and started to record sounds.
Since Pianobook exists I always wanted to contribute and when I came back to my home I opened Logic and started cleaning the sounds I recorded and creating instruments. Some days ago I found my old folders with those samples and finally decided to publish them. Those are mostly percussive sounds and I found them great to create sound environments with some effects or to make interesting and new rhythmic patterns.

Reviews for Into the Forest

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  • A lot of Potential but no round robins

    I think Round Robins would have greatly benefited this pack. The sounds themselves are very bare and dry which leaves you alot of room to process. They remind me a bit of foley drums Helios might use. If you dont know his music check it out, you'll be glad you did. This is a really nice idea for a sample pack that i would use alot as I'm really into nature sounds. I really wish there were round robins and dynamic layers, this would definitely be a go to for me.

    septemberwalk08 November 2021
  • nice percussion sounds, hopefully a start to something bigger?

    I love the concept of this, and there's no such thing as too much percussion samples. I think there's a lot of great power in sounds that the listener can't identify, and that's where this small pack shines.

    Its only weakness is simply the small amount of content here. A forest-themed library that expands on this in the future would be amazing, BUT what we have here is lovely on its own terms. Thanks Giovanni :)

    sethbutlermusic22 November 2022
  • A few small percussions, a little bit of foley

    This library presents a few found sound percussion samples and a couple of foley samples. They are well recorded and edited, but are fairly nondescript. There are so few samples here that it probably would have made more sense to put them all in one preset as opposed to six. that just made it more work to load everything. Even so, these are playable and useful, just maybe not the most inspiring library on PB. Still, if you need some small percussion, this is a worthy download.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021
  • Simple and limited dry percussion

    Percussive sounds might start sounding a little artificial if there is a lack of dynamics and round robins, and this might be this case, With that said, I consider such sounds closer to an SFX sample pool or something that can be used better in a more synthetic/electro environment, usually with a heavily customized fx chain. Also a small note, the tag doesn't show up DecentSampler availability.

    Alex Raptakis01 November 2021