Hunsicker Helpenstill

A Helpenstill Roadmaster 64....

The story

I’ve been following Christians’ vlog since Episode 1 and have been ever intrigued by the idea of sampling an instrument of my own; if only I had a piano!
Fortunately I’ve been able to contribute to a couple of Angus Roberts-Carey projects and thought it was time to set out on my own sampling adventure.
My good friend, Philip Hunsicker, graciously allowed myself and my friend Matt Lowery to bring his Helpenstill Roadmaster 64 (very rare) to my studio and have a go at it.
We had a lot of fun and I’m hoping this is something of a starting point as I’d very much love to continue to contribute to this incredible community.
Hope you all enjoy this first iteration of the ‘Hunsicker Helpenstill’


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