Hunsicker Helpenstill

A Helpenstill Roadmaster 64.

The story

I’ve been following Christians’ vlog since Episode 1 and have been ever intrigued by the idea of sampling an instrument of my own; if only I had a piano!
Fortunately I’ve been able to contribute to a couple of Angus Roberts-Carey projects and thought it was time to set out on my own sampling adventure.
My good friend, Philip Hunsicker, graciously allowed myself and my friend Matt Lowery to bring his Helpenstill Roadmaster 64 (very rare) to my studio and have a go at it.
We had a lot of fun and I’m hoping this is something of a starting point as I’d very much love to continue to contribute to this incredible community.
Hope you all enjoy this first iteration of the ‘Hunsicker Helpenstill’

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  • Hidden gem

    The Hunsicker Helpenstill is a really interesting piano that seems best played with lower velocity layers and a bit of reverb. As the previous review suggests, you can cut down on some of the release trigger noises to create a bit more mellow an experience. This is a bit noisy when played sustained at high velocities, and can get a bit harsh at those high velocities. However, there's a lot of character and playability in this one, and I think it's a a bit of a hidden gem amongst the character pianos. There's some fun tuning issues D1 vs D2 for instance -- but all in all, this is a really great addition to Pianobook! Maybe a bit of noise reduction at the higher sustained velocities to clean it up would help.

    Andrew Ernst02 November 2021
  • A rare lovely piano

    I didin't know anything about that instrument before reading and playing this. It sounds very good for me. With a little adjusments in the knobs of the GUI you can eliminate the noise produced when releasing the keys and then have a very playable experience. Lovely piano.

    OsvaldoDeJesusG28 October 2021
  • Rare and unique piano!

    This rare and unique piano is a great addition to Piano Book. It's somewhere between a Yamaha CP-series and an acoustic upright. There is a fair amount of noise in the mic signals, but none in the DI. The highest dynamic layer sort of jumps out at you volume-wise. If this were a Kontakt instrument, it would be a piece of cake to go in and tweak the volume level of those zones. I have to admit that I'm ignorant as to how to accomplish that in Decent Sampler. There's also some double striking which seems to occur at the highest velocity level. I'm unsure if the instrument was double striking or if there's some error in the trimming of the front of the samples. I suspect the latter because the issue goes away when you mute either the mic or DI signals. It might have been better to edit both the DI and mic signals at the same time so that whatever editing was applied to one would be applied to the other so that they would stay in alignment. This same problem causes some phase issues in octave 2 as well. These small issues aside, I think this is a really unique library. It sort of evokes cleansing rain, falling snow, rushing waters of spring, and childhood innocence int he upper register. It fits in a wide variety of musical styles, and I'm sure many will find it useful.

    Sam Ecoff09 November 2021
  • Cool Funky Piano

    This piano is definitely unique for pianobook. While most of the electric pianos on the site i feel are better suited for slow emotional passages, this one is better suited for aggressive funk and rock and things like that. It has a more mid rangey, aggressive tone than most on the site. Personally i dont like this as most of my music is chill and emotional. I feel like this piano is kind of empty in the lower mids and lows. Theres also a really loud clicking when playing the high dynamic layers. Its always cool to have these unique instruments on pianobook, this one just personally doesn't inspire me. I hope others enjoy it though

    septemberwalk13 November 2021
  • A simple nice piano with a confusing execution

    So in this one comes with some knobs t hat you will need to tweak to your liking in order to find the right sound for you. There are the DI, and the Mic notes, with individual release triggers. The DI sounds kind of artificial but is completely noiseless, and the Mic sounds more realistic but it introduces a lot of white noise in high velocities and on the triggers.

    Everything is customizable though so it's up to you to handle it the way you want. The instrument also seems has the entire keybed shifted one octave lower than your typical piano, which may seem weird at first, so you will need to switch the octave in your keyboard to match the common one.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021