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This instrument I bought on eBay as in not working condition. But to this day Pianet has been working very nicely. It has its own unique sound with some out-of-tune keys and clicks.

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  • Instant vintage keys with minor flaws

    The Pianet T by nature sounds a lot cleaner than a Rhodes in it's default character, great for dreamy chords. Use additional vibrato to add that lo-fi feeling. A few notes D#1 appear to have clicky transients on the attack portion and the DS version seems to be mapped one octave too high. Overall still a fantastic offering with a tiny bit of room for improvment.

    Synthiemental13 October 2021
  • A bright electric piano

    This is a well-recorded bright electric piano. The major difference I've found with the typical Rhodes piano sound is that this one manages to remain bright without the "bells" sound. The lows are not weak but they remain focused on the mid-range. More suited as an accompaniment than solo works. Highly recommended.

    Julian DoeSamplist 12 October 2021
  • No frills, but very usable vintage-flavoured electric piano

    The Pianet T sampled here has a very clean sound, with not much low end and soft bell tones with few inharmonic overtones. There is only a single velocity layer but one sample per note with full release. Compared to one of the other Pianet T samples on this site, this has bit more top-end and so is better suited for comping, in my opinion.

    There's a click at the start of the D#2 (note 51) sample and the E5 (note 76) sample has slight "plop" about 0.5 seconds into the sample. The former is easily fixed by editing the sample or using an offset.

    I created an SFZ mapping for this instrument, which is available in the repository at

    I gave two stars for the GUI because I don't use Kontakt or Decent Sampler and would prefer SFZ.

    SpotlightKid17 March 2023
  • Electric piano with issues

    This is a great rendering of the Hohner Pianet. The low end has a fabulous growl and the high end sparkles with bell-like timbres. As others have mentioned, the .nkr file for the Kontakt version is missing. D#1 is not edited correctly and has a distinct click each time you play it. It's easy enough to fix in Kontakt, but it's the sort of thing that probably should have been taken care of before it was posted here. If you can see past the issues, this is a fun and useful library.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 09 November 2021
  • Vibey EP but not super interesting

    Apart from the minor programming issues mentioned by others, this is a pretty quality electric piano. Espicially with added effects it can sound very dreamy and chill. For me personally its a little boring though. There are several electric pianos i prefer more on pianobook, that i feel have more character both in the actual tone of the instrument and in added effects like finger noise, mechanical noise etc. There might be someone on here who feels the exact opposite of me on this and is looking for a cleaner less noisy electric piano. In that case i would reccomend this one

    septemberwalk12 November 2021
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