The story

While I was away on vacation with my Family, we went to this store called Zeb’s General Store. This is a fun 50s style general store full of old fashion food, candies and toys. one of the toys I discovered was this cheap Chinese harmonica with classic Americana Packaging. It’s wildly out of tune and the tones present are a bit all over the place, but it was still charming none the less. I recorded both the blows and draws from this instrument and arranged them into this synth. The yellow keys are presented as the harmonica present the pitches, with the left most of the keys aligning with the left of the harmonica and so on. The blue keys are pitched and spread out to be more of a pitched instrument and thus, end up sounding a bit more organ like than the yellow keys. As always, I hope you all enjoy and if you make anything interesting with this or just want to message me about this vst, feel free to reach out.

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Reviews for Harmonica Americana

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  • Perfect old style harp sounds with great noise...

    Wonderful. Some effects out ot tone and noise are great for a wide range of atmospheres and eperiments...

    Paul_Smith15 April 2024