The story

I created a little ambient guitar library using my Dan Electro U2 through my old Fender, Memory Man and various other gadgets. I plucked strings, used a cello bow and E-Bow and a volume pedal. I reversed some of them, stretched others, and used a Line 6 Particle Verb for an octave overtone and wobble.

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  • Organic texture of warm pad

    Another beautiful pad of Joshua. It does no longer sound of a guitar, it is like a very distant calling from somewhere or like an organ sound. I instantly thought of some music when I pressed the keys.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Shimmers for the Shivers!

    I really, really like this instrument. Joshua has done an excellent sampling job on this one. Each of the patches offer something different, often offering a nostalgic vibe from the 80s - at least that's what I felt. While there are no controls at all, just the default patch seems very pleasant to play on. I would definitely appreciate settings such as ADSR for example.

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
  • Love the tremolo!

    can be used in many different situations, it can fit perfectly in dramatic music but also for ethereal ambient.

    Gabriele13 October 2021
  • Dramatic, cinematic and ambient (non) guitar

    Even the more "straight up" guitar sounds in the "7 pack" don't quite sound like a guitar - in a good way. "Vibe and Dirt" has bags of character and sounds exceptional well bellow the natural guitar range into bass territory as well as arresting high up. The "Shimmer", "Deja Vu" and "Ebow" versions are all classic Joshua creating haunting, wide soundscapes.

    Mark Lord03 December 2021
  • More Ambient Goodness

    While this definitely isn't my favorite ambient guitar sound on pianobook its still pretty cool and its always nice to have different textures to blend together. The Multis and probably the best part of this library creating a really nice atmosphere. The swells are also pretty cool and remind me of chamber evolutions in the sense that they re a performance that starts and ends naturally. I actually found the tremolos to be very uninteresting compared to other guitar tremolos on the site. I would have also liked them to sustain for longer. The Picture on the GUI is very cool

    septemberwalk27 October 2021
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