Guitar Rawr

A Fender Jaguar sent though a Fender Blender pedal and performed in different variations....

The story

Was made during/for #pianobookpianoday2020 submission.

This instrument came together just by simple experimentation. I had recorded some guitar, which was a Fender Jaguar, though a Fender Blender pedal.

This pedal has that octave up sound that lends for some harmonic content that kind of has that ring-mod vibe going on. If you were to go listen to the raw samples you can see I picked some random noise, a note, part of a riff, and some guitar squeaks.From there it was just the basic dragging down in Kontakt. Then messing with the built in distortion effects and adding a reverb impulse. I do want to thank Dave Hilowitz, as I used a script for the basic GUI controls; which was from one of his pianobook submissions.

That’s that, really. Just having fun and thought this would be fun for other folks to be able to make noise with.

Thanks so much for creating this community – it’s really something great!


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  • Maybe a scary guitar monster?

    Love the creativity, but I don't find it to be very playable. Perhaps it could be useful as a horror effect?

    Just Bob17 October 2021