The story

This instrument was born after my need to have a bass sound which sounded like a synthesiser but wasn’t actually a synthesiser. So I picked up my Epiphone Les Paul guitar and started to experiment with it making weird sounds, when I thought the weirdest thing I could do was to go simple. The samples are from the G, D, A and bass E strings of my guitar, recorded with the palm of my hand on the strings to have a more closed and picked sound; then I added effects on Logic and made this instrument.

This is the first real Sampled instrument I uploaded on Pianobook after the trial of “Into the Forest”, really hope everyone can enjoy my work.

Reviews for Guitar of the Deep

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  • ocean of emotion

    It's a lovely thing, puts an ocean of emotion into my playing, either floating on top as the lead, or doubling up on another guitar to provide fathoms of depth

    paulkhera12 October 2021
  • Incredible bass

    The sound quality is very good. The bass notes of this pack are amazing, deep, just like the title says.

    I really like the image you chose to put as background, it looks quite nice. The controls offer enough flexibility to get very varied and useful sounds.

    I would have liked you to add the option to lengthen the notes infinitely, so that I could get some pads after increasing the attack.

    GuilleDSamplist 28 September 2022
  • Synth-like textures from a guitar

    These are some nice keyboard textures that fit nicely into a mix. Given that they're synth-like, I do wish the GUI had ADSR controls. This library features three velocity layers. I found it hard to trigger the lowest layer consistently. Mr. Henson commented in one of his videos that for most keyboards, there wasn't much below 80 when it came to velocity sensitivity. I think it might have been more useful if the lowest layer spanned from 1-89, then from 90-120, and 120-127. Just my personal preference, though. I do appreciate being able to control reverb amount from the GUI, though. A really great and useful library here!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 24 October 2021
  • Haunting

    Used this in a Drum and Bass track, Cranking up the Drive function. Great low end depth and emotion!

    Leon Price12 October 2021
  • Use it like a pluck!

    The "clean" sound of the guitar is very, very noisy though, and the more you sustain a note, the more the noise is prolonged, so I recommend using wet, distorted, it in a kind of pluck - staccato playstyle. But even with this in mind, it still sounds very cool! The GUI design is awesome, although the cutoff filter doesn't work for me at all - tested in Kontakt.

    Alex Raptakis25 October 2021
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