The story

My old ATI Radeon graphics card sadly decided to stop working a few days ago, so I took it out of the computer and replaced it with a new one.

When I got it out, I decided to pluck one of the cooler heatsink parts, and I found out that it has a very pleasant sound, so I decided to sample it into a library!

The heatsink only had a bit more than an octave of tones, but I extended it’s range out to 6 octaves.
There are also two round robins included in this library.

I haven’t done too much editing of the samples though, so that’s why the tone knob starts out low.
You can turn it up if you wish to have the full, unfiltered sound.




Reviews for Graphics Card Cooler

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  • A "cool" (get it?!) little instrument

    There's more here than I would have expected. The notes from G3 to C5 or so sound like a toy piano. The notes from C5 to C6 sound like a toy xylophone. The lower registers from around C0 to G1 sound to me like bonshō bells at a Buddhist temple.

    The tone, chorus, delay and reverb controls within the instrument are welcome. They seem to all be mapped simultaneously to the modwheel, which can generate some fun and strange pitch effects if modulated shortly after striking a note.

    Jake Hendriksen13 November 2022