The story

I bought this guitar in a second-hand shop in Italy in the early 2000’s.
At that point I had just discovered Sonic Youth, Captain Beefheart and all the experimental post-punk scene records.
I formed a band where we would just improvise and jam with ‘prepared’ instruments and basically make noise.
This pack is my attempt to capture those angular and wild guitar sounds, and I hope it will inspire other musicians to venture in free form improvisation and experimental music.


Reviews for GOT BEEFHEART? NY NOWAVE prepared guitar

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  • great!!

    Maybe a bit niche for people who use Kontakt...but really hit the spot for me.@ Would be nice with some less distorted tones as distortion and treatment could be added later:) But whats here is great. Well done!!

    Typo01 February 2023
  • Great character and nice potential with extra samples!

    If you are looking for some pre-made licks, chugs or just plain guitar sound effects with lots ot distortion, this might be your thing!

    For a small size of around 53MB, you get various samples of a heavily distorted guitar that you can add as an extra spicy element to your compositions. The main patch is processing 6 different samples that change pitch and tempo depending on the note you press.

    If you are a little more into exploring Kontakt's capabilities, you will find more interesting samples if you look at the instrument folder. You can load them up by simply drag-and-dropping the desired file into the Mapping Editor that can be found in the Edit Mode wrench icon on the top left of the Kontakt panel). This way you can distort any sample you want, basically!

    Alex Raptakis30 August 2022
  • Downloaded Simply Because Of Beefheart

    A great sounding guitar but not a very playable Kontakt instrument for myself.

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