Glass Harp

Harp-like sounds created from a wine glass...

The story

This instrument originated when I found that this wine glass generated a perfect (+-10 cents) C5. The sound file was recorded with a simple Zoom H1 in my wife’s walk-in closet and sampled in Logic. Would you please give it a go with something like Mozart’s Adagio and Rondo for glass harmonica as inspiration? Be sure to use Spitfire Audio instruments for the flute, oboe, viola, and cello:)


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  • Amazing and Abstract

    Absolutely beautiful and dreamy sound. Definitely agree with another review that I didn't think of it as much like a harp.. but that doesn't matter once I get used to it. The glass sound can be soothing and pretty, or in another setting dark and unsettling. Excellent sound!

    Ada Maskil18 October 2021
  • Dreamy

    This instrument sounds pretty good, although I wished it had more of an attack or a plucky type of sound as it can sound a little washed out a times. This instrument has a very lovely GUI, with most of the controls you need.

    Jake18 October 2021
  • Fun little library with a few surprising twists

    This is just a really nice atmosphere maker. The A&R controls help with its adaptability as well. One of the fun things I found was that if you turn down the Tone knob all the way, it makes a fun -and atmospheric- little pop sound, which can add that extra little bit of spice into a composition. All in all, a nice tool to have, for sure

    Hidde Pieters15 October 2021
  • More glass than harp

    This is fairly simple, but useable sound. My favorite feature is that I can change to attack and get either a soft mallet attack or the classic "bowed" sound. Room and Reverb controls are subtle, but useful. Great for a dreamy solo instrument or useful in layered sounds.

    ddailey12 October 2021