The story

On a stormy day during lockdown i took my trusty Tascam DR-40X for a trip to the beach to record the sounds of the waves crashing against the sea wall.

The plan being to create an interesting white noise type instrument to sit behind pianos, strings or possibly drums. The resulting recording was mangled and and played with some plugs ins and the outcome i think is a quite unsettling bed of an instrument.

For added unease i have combined the sound of the sea with a sample which is around 10 years old. That of an broken moss covered piano that was part of a now abandoned holiday park in a place called blacking chine. Long cut off from the main theme park by landslides the piano sat unplayed and losing a battle with the elements for many years in a derelict hall.

Combined together in the additional instrument (freshwater bay_landslide piano) im sure it would work just fine in a horror!

Enough of my ramblings i hope you enjoy it. i certainly had fun recording and creating these. Your channel has really inspired me to get cracking and make my own sample instruments and the ones i have made are edging there way into my sync work. Lets all find our own voices!!

Best regards


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  • Great soundscapes with limited control

    It's simple, two awesome sounding and very barebone patches. You really need to try them in order to tell if it is for you or not. I recommend them!

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
  • Wisper Textures

    I renamed this Wisper Textures because it so beautifully adds a nice subtly airy breathy texture ontop of anything. Sometimes in my music i record my own breaths for kind of organic risers, or downlifters. Wether breathing out on a down beat or inhaling like a riser this can be a really cool way to add this kind of movement in a more organic sounding way than a white noise sweep or something. Just typing this out made me realize this could be a really cool library to submit to the site, a collection on breath based risers and stuff like that. This sound goes in line with that for me, its a really nice subtle way to create some air in a track. The second piano patch doesn't work for me for some reason but i plan to use the first patch often

    septemberwalk27 October 2021
  • This was lockdown well spent!

    You could get this kind of sound on Omnisphere, but I would use this over that just on principle alone. The story behind this library is enough to make me want to use it for those sound designy, atmospheric drones. Whilst the library is very one dimensional in terms of use, there will be people in the PB community that will eat this up!

    R.Treves19 October 2021
  • Haunting Pads

    This library presents two presets which seem to be the same with the exception that one was saved with absolute paths. The sounds are mapped from C3 and lower, and don't match the octave you'd expect them to appear in given the frequency range they occupy. The samples have a 25 second release time. I tried adjusting the time within Kontakt. It got a little shorter, but there's something at play here where the instrument isn't relying solely upon the envelope for VCA level. I didn't investigate any further as this probably isn't a sound I'd have a lot of use for, but I can see the draw that others might feel for it.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 01 November 2021