The story

This library was something I made from old recordings of two different bagpipes I got online for cheap. Sadly I no longer have these bagpipes but I used them extensively for my first album ‘Of Myths and Fables.’ This instrument means a great deal to me and the sounds they make are something that speaks to ones very soul. They are powerful, but have a sense of longing. Ancient yet contemporary. Complex and simple. Very few physical instruments feel the way a bagpipe feels.

Please note this is a monophonic instrument, but If you want to play it polyphonically you can, you will just need to press the drone key on the left most side to have the drone consistently play.

*Update* Included a version that allows for different drone pitches.

New Album ‘Netrunner’ Coming soon.

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  • Wonderful!

    Thanks so much for this great set of bagpipe samples! Really well done!

    Patrick19 May 2023
  • Thanks

    I love it

    Tilimanjaro20 February 2024
  • Amazing Free Bagpipes!

    These are really great samples!

    They have a couple of quirks but they have easy workarounds.

    I prefer the Pibau Cyrn samples. Unfortunately, they are limited to the key of D since you can't turn off the drone. Maybe this will be fixed in the future. I recommend turning down the attack and release settings to zero, the chorus to about half, the tone should be turned up all the way, and the reverb to about half. This, in my opinion, gives the most realistic sound.

    Thank you so much Necatuss for sharing this! I have been looking for a decent free bagpipe sample for a while and this is for sure the best I have found!

    Hudson Holland18 May 2023