The story

I powered up my old Yamaha TX81Z module after decades of storage in a shelf. Internal memory was totally scrambled (probably its internal battery died a long time ago), but luckily factory reset worked well and restored the device to its original state.

I recovered my personal favorite patches from sys-ex dumps I kept in pen-drives and after some tweaking to make the recording process easier, I sampled 126 patches and organized them in 63 different presets, each with 2 similar sounds that can be mixed, detuned and panned independently.

Envelopes are included to control volume and LP filter cut-off frequency plus reverb and delay effects. Cut-off is also affected by each note velocity: higher velocities produce higher cut-off frequencies and vice-versa.


Reviews for FM Little Module

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  • Fine collection of fm sounds.

    The different fm style instruments are well sampled and have a good tone. I am happy to find strings, bells, bass and guitar etc. in a fine special fm quality and there are still details of natural sounds.

    Paul_Smith15 April 2024
  • Retro magic

    This is a wonderfully realised library. The sounds are clean and rich and the effects are well suited to the pre-sets. I don't know the original but I would guess this is an excellent recreation.
    Yes, the sounds are slightly dated perhaps but they work really well eg by loading two instances in the DAW, you can achieve rich , musical and very usable sounds. It is well worth keeping.

    martiman20 April 2024