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Following on from the Scary Flautando Violin this instrument gives a vivid, artisanal violin sound with new GUI and separated articulations. Think Midsommar, There Will Be Blood and Inside No. 9; this is a violin that blurs the lines between being romantic and unnerving. Recorded using a Neumann KM183 through a Neve Mic preamp.

Now housed in a brand new Kontakt Instrument. Enjoy!




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  • More than just Flautando!

    Just by reading the name, I was ready to love this instrument. It actually surpassed every expectation I had, because it's more than just the typical flautando sound you might be used to. You have access to octave-glissandos and heavily textured ricochets, so you can mix them up in any way you want, or even separate them. You can also control the dynamics of your mix with a knob that is bound to the modwheel.

    On top of all these, the sound quality is incredible, and the sound is very raw, which is absolutely perfect for this type of sounds. Plus, having access to such a close-up sound, makes it very good at handling any kind of fx processing, especially reverbs.

    Even though I love the GUI, I can't say I like the knobs being controlled by horizontal mouse movement, since usually it's vertical instead. With that said, I can only give it a perfect score, because everything is just increbile. Big thanks to Jacob!

    Alex Raptakis16 December 2021
  • Sounds so authentic, especially in the higher registers

    The release time is just perfect in addition to the sound quality being great. That's what makes it truly stand out.

    future_screen31 October 2023
  • Really weird and characterful

    This is a great free option for getting some of that unpredictability and weirdness into your strings. I think patches like these are really valuable because free strings tend to be pretty sterile. Along with the flautando which is very unsteady and evolving you also get pitch blended glisses and ricochet. I cant see myself using the glisses much but the ricochet adds a really cool noisy organic character. You can blend all three of the different signals which is very helpful too. The strings are extremely dry so you might want to add reverb depending on what you're going for but its really nice to have that option instead of having the reverb baked in. I think i still slightly prefer scary flautando violin but this is still great and useful.

    septemberwalk16 December 2021
  • LCO Light

    Some very interesting sliding glissando and ricochet effects that wouldn't sound out of place in a Jonny Greenwood LCO score. The flautando sounds best in the lower register.
    Jacob's sounds are always worth checking out, his scary flautando is stunning (and much less scary sounding than this)

    Jim Sanger26 December 2021
  • Intimate and interesting.

    The glissandi and ricochet are really characterful I like how they sound "in the room" with you. I really like the tone of the mp Flautando, my only reservations is when you increase the dynamics and go above G3 you get quite a pronounced "chorus" effect - sounds like 2 samples are playing at once - which rather spoils the tone. Good none the less; I think the Ricochets are my favourite.

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
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