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This is the sound of my trusty Fire Extinguisher being hit with one of those rubber-covered dumb-bell things (not mine I hasten to add). I’ve used it on lots of pieces of music. Sonically, it’s pretty much its ‘own thing’. It also works well when you take the attack off, to get rid of the ‘thump’. Hope you enjoy.

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  • very nice

    very good, thanks, works also as an interesting pad

    brian30 July 2023
  • A dreamy mallet out of nowhere!

    I didn't expect a freaking fire extinguisher to produce such a dreamy sound signature! To me, this sounds like a very softened music box, similar to what you might find in those hanging toys with melodies to help a baby sleep. A very welcome surprise! It is very nicely sampled and super fun to play on it. With that said, keep in mind that if you play in very low velocities, there might be some dead sounds. It's not frequent due to the nice round robins, but it can be annoying from time to time.

    Alex Raptakis02 November 2021
  • There's something about the attack

    It's difficult to put into words, but there's something about the attack of this sound that's really wonderful. The body of the sound itself is rather simple. It's little more than a sine wave, but the attack has this grainy, slightly distorted sound with these cool overtones that you can just barely hear. It's really great. It's just metallic enough without adding too many inharmonic frequencies. I really love this sound!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 04 November 2021
  • Unexpectedly nice

    i dont think any of us expected this to sound so nice based on the name. The sound is surprisingly dreamy and mellow. There are some kind of harsh resonances that jump out from time to time. This does add realism and character but might limit its usability for me personally. I suppose it could be more dynamic and have more round robins but its not that necessary here. Overall this is a great instrument and very creative.

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • Of the found instruments - this one stood out for me!

    I have yet to work this instrument into any music, but in the many instruments I've downloaded and played through, I really enjoyed the sound and was amazed that it came from a fire extuinguisher. I was sort of joking and thinking there could be more samples of more. notes if it were emptied slowly and resampled each time. That said, I do really like this instrument, and it can be fun to play with some added delays or even with the delays and some distortion from plugins like Rift.

    Andrew Ernst15 October 2021
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