Hybrid instrument build from a baritone ukulele and an old fiddle....

The story

I created this hybrid instrument out of an old beat up fiddle and a baritone uke from the 60’s. I sampled many plucks(414 through an Avalon) from both and the started mapping it creatively in Kontakt. I layered them together but had it so some notes were more fiddle forward and visa versa. I love to keep some unpreditctablity with performances. I also like sounds that are indistinguishable . To my ears it doesn’t sound like either of the original instruments and kind of has its own tonal identity. That was the goal anyway. I included a cool E-bow pad that I used from the uke as the fiddle was not very E bow friendly. Hope you find it useful!


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  • Soothing creativity

    In here you will find two instrument patches and one multi that is the combination of the two as a preset. The two patches are a solo instrument and a pad one - becuase it wouldn't be a Joshua instrument if there was no pad! Even though I love his pads, this one in particular does not sound that interesting to me. I think that this is also the first time that I find a bad release noise sample in an instrument by Joshua. I absolutely love the solo one though! Also, a little note that the Ebow patch has two pointless tabs on the very bottom that do nothing - what did you have in mind Joshua??? Are you actually start putting interfaces on your instruments? Blasphemy!!!

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Melting and smooth pad

    Smooth and calm sound of the pad. I think Joshua is really talented in making these calming pad collections.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021