The story

I created this hybrid instrument out of an old beat up fiddle and a baritone uke from the 60’s. I sampled many plucks(414 through an Avalon) from both and the started mapping it creatively in Kontakt. I layered them together but had it so some notes were more fiddle forward and visa versa. I love to keep some unpreditctablity with performances. I also like sounds that are indistinguishable . To my ears it doesn’t sound like either of the original instruments and kind of has its own tonal identity. That was the goal anyway. I included a cool E-bow pad that I used from the uke as the fiddle was not very E bow friendly. Hope you find it useful!

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  • Melting and smooth pad

    Smooth and calm sound of the pad. I think Joshua is really talented in making these calming pad collections.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Soothing creativity

    In here you will find two instrument patches and one multi that is the combination of the two as a preset. The two patches are a solo instrument and a pad one - becuase it wouldn't be a Joshua instrument if there was no pad!

    Even though I love his pads, this one in particular does not sound that interesting to me. I think that this is also the first time that I find a bad release noise sample in an instrument by Joshua. I absolutely love the solo one though!

    Also, a little note that the Ebow patch has two pointless tabs on the very bottom that do nothing - what did you have in mind Joshua??? Are you actually start putting interfaces on your instruments? Blasphemy!!!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Cool idea

    I really love the sound of this hybrid ukulele , it's clean, very well recorded and it is beautiful too so great job once again Joshua

    ARKAN15 November 2021
  • Great Sound but not Especially interesting Compared to some of Joshuas Other Work

    The pad has a beautiful and delicate, quiet sound. it sounds really good but I'm more of a fan of some of Joshuas other pads and would probably reach for one of them first. This one could be nice for adding some air on-top of a darker pad though. As for the solo instrument i wasn't that impressed. It still sounds good but i just reviewed Joshuas Mandolin and that was stellar, It had a bunch of round robins, dynamic layers and imperfections that gave it a huge sense of realism. Im not feeling that with this one but maybe its not fair to compare this to the mandolin. Anyway still a nice and useful sound

    septemberwalk27 October 2021
  • A clever hybrid. Soulful and evocative.

    I love this. It sound obvious, but by combining the 2 instruments Joshua has created a hybrid which is familiar and yet not. As a result I feel it would work in many more settings. The Ebow version is simple but beautiful, exactly the kind of sound which is useful in so many situation. However, for me the real winner here is the multi where playing soulful "spanish" inspired melodies with bass accompaniment the Ebow just adds some subtle sustain and movement once the initial note has decayed.

    Mark Lord31 October 2021
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