Fender StratoVib

A Fender guitar through a VOX amp....

The story

I always found Fender guitars and VOX amps to be the perfect match. I recently happened to acquire both and I thought what a perfect opportunity to sample these two beauties.

I order to sustain the notes for a longer period of time, I gently vibrated each of them using the whammy bar. The end result is a quite interesting vibraphone like instrument with pitch fluctuation rather than volume.


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  • Vibey guitar

    This guitar brings back memories of the Hans Zimmer Guitars libraries available in the early 90's from Ilio. It's fun to play, responsive, and well recorded. I just wish there was an option to control the vibrato. It would be more useful if I could use the Mod Wheel to control it so it set in a bit later. Overall, a fun, useful, and playable library!

    Sam Ecoff20 October 2021
  • This could be much more!

    Sampling a guitar sounds like a hella lot of work! And I really believe this can be improved in many ways. My main issue is that you have no control over the release sample length. Upon leaving the key, the release feels too long in most cases, especially on higher velocities. Speaking of higher velocities though, they sound great and speak for themselves! I'd love to have more control though.

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021