Fake Dulcimer

A synthesized dulcimer...

The story

This instrument is pretty much exactly what its name suggests: a fake (synthesized) dulcimer although I do hope it sounds like a real one. It is an instrument I particularly appreciate, so I tried to make my own in Vital and was suprisingly really happy with how it turned out.

There are two articulations: one shot and tremolo. The Vital preset files are included for both, along with the sampled versions.
Unfortunately I had to make the Tremolo version using SFZ, because Decent Sampler doesn’t yet support crossfades sa far as I’m aware.
I also included an impulse response (sampled in Vital) for some additional splosh.


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  • Put this one in you arsenal of sounds...

    If you have Vital, which you should because its a great free synth. This is a patch worth downloading. A rounded dulcimer like sound that within the Vital interface is easily tweakable. The tremolo patch is particularly good!

    R.Treves19 October 2021
  • Simple Yet Effective

    A simple yet effective "Dulcimer" type sound. Not much in the GUI department, but the inclusion of an attack and release knob is greatly appreciated.

    Jake17 October 2021
  • Velocity based sound. Nice!

    For me its not the best thing in the world. Maybe that is because the Dulcimer is not one of my favorite instruments. But I think the patch sound realy great.The sound behaves "realisticly" on velecity. And thats with a free Synth! Try to remake that in Pigments. I think the sampler sounds better.

    Stephan Scholz14 October 2021