Fake Dulcimer

A synthesized dulcimer...

The story

This instrument is pretty much exactly what its name suggests: a fake (synthesized) dulcimer although I do hope it sounds like a real one. It is an instrument I particularly appreciate, so I tried to make my own in Vital and was suprisingly really happy with how it turned out.

There are two articulations: one shot and tremolo. The Vital preset files are included for both, along with the sampled versions.
Unfortunately I had to make the Tremolo version using SFZ, because Decent Sampler doesn’t yet support crossfades as far as I’m aware.
I also included an impulse response (sampled in Vital) for some additional splosh.

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  • Cool sound, interesting take on sampling

    While I wouldn't say this sounds particularly like a dulcimer, it is a really interesting, playable, and unique sound. It's well recorded, and well programmed. The inclusion of the original Vital patch makes it instantly tweakable since Vital is free. It's also nice that there's a Decent Sampler patch for those who don't have Vital and maybe don't want to get into one more VI. While I've seen other people use something autosampler on hardware synths, i don't know that I've seen anyone use it on a VI, which makes this a rather unique contribution to PB. overall, this is a great sample pack and a worthy download!

    Sam Ecoff27 October 2021
  • Very sensitive velocity...

    I've seen some reviews saying how this is a good thing, but the velocity track on this instrument is very sensitive, with the quietest notes being almost inaudible. Otherwise it's a really well-sampled instrument with a great sound. Good work!

    Christopher28 October 2021
  • Maybe too dynamic?

    Although fake and synthesized, it sounds good and it has been sampled really well. It is really dynamic too, although some of the low velocity layers are very quite, to the point that sometimes it feels there are dead notes while you play. It sounds great though, and not too fake for sure. Also the wallpaper is a greek bouzouki, not a dulcimer!

    Alex Raptakis02 November 2021
  • Very well recorded

    This is a very simple Dulcimer, which reminds me to the dulcimer in cheap Casio bank sounds, but the knobs for attack and release make it more useful and professional. I used Decent Sampler to make this review.

    OsvaldoDeJesusG27 October 2021
  • Simple Yet Effective

    A simple yet effective "Dulcimer" type sound. Not much in the GUI department, but the inclusion of an attack and release knob is greatly appreciated.

    Jake17 October 2021
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