The story

A very distorted Fender Telecaster electric guitar being granulated and “frozen” through a Mutable Instruments Clouds, slightly modulated by a Make Noise Maths. This sample instrument was made exclusively for my latest album EXIT GHOSTS but ultimately made it to several other projects and I still use it a lot. When this instrument was used on EXIT GHOSTS it was heavily distorted and filtered through an Electron Analog Heat but these samples are “dry”. This iteration of the sample instrument has no defined loop points. The samples are relatively long with their 16 seconds in length which works well with a long release time. Please enjoy this instrument and let me know what you think! // Tomas Nordmark


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  • Something that can give goosebumps

    This is one of those instruments that can easily make you lose yourself for quite a while. This kind of sound is very pleasing to my ears, and I want more of it! It is fairly simple, but it's sampled really well, and I feel that it goes amazingly well with depth effects. I'd swear this is not coming from a processed guitar, but to my surprise, it is. Quite interesting to see how one can get such an idea, execute it so well, and produce such a fantastic result. Let's not be afraid of those ghosts.

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • Beautiful and haunting... equal measure. What I find really interesting about this sound - apart from the fact that it came from a guitar at all - is that when you play a single note it sounds pleasant enough, but not really special, and yet as you add additional harmonies, especially from 4 notes or more, it takes on another whole dimension. Rich, complex harmonics and resonances, constantly changing, constantly evolving. My only ever so slight - problem is too strong a word, maybe observation is better - is that due to its very nature at times some of these "resonances" inevitably add up and can sound a little "peaky". I just chucked on Oeksound's "Soothe 2" and it was perfection. Really great sound this.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021
  • A nice pad :)

    A nice warm pad with a moderate amount of nuance to it. There is no customization to the sound built into the instrument - it just exists as it is, and it's a lovely and USEABLE sound, in my opinion.

    This is a gem that I might have overlooked if I wasn't actively looking for something to thematically represent a "ghost" in a project I was working on.

    Sometimes you just need a simple sound in a relatively small package, and I'm glad this one did the trick. Thanks Tomas :)

    sethbutlermusic22 November 2022
  • Really awesome evolving texture

    This is a really awesome and ethereal pad. I think it conveys emotion, i got pretty lost in it when i started playing it. Its not super out there but its not basic either. It has really nice subtle modulation but its not necessarily evolving. The high end really sings out and the lows are deep. I think playing chords in the left hand and little top line melodies in the right hand sounds great. I think its so cool that this sound came from a guitar too. I love Guitar sound design but i never would have guessed that was the source. This is pretty great, ill definitely be coming back to this one

    septemberwalk25 December 2021