The story

“A condensed version of my final Undergraduate Degree Project, Ethanolia is the sounds captured from ‘singing’ and bowing of Gin Bowls, Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes. I sampled this using three mic set-up, a Neumann U87, DPA 4036 and a KM187, which I then processed through an amazing Eventide Eclipse (V4) Harmonzier using settings such as ‘Rainbow Drops’ and ‘Diamond Rain’ which added random pitch and rhythmic effects.

I was able to create 4 different instruments from these sounds, two of which I am submitting to PianoBook: A general Pad and legato Lead.

The mod wheel (CC1) can be used to crossfade between sample layers on both instruments. The Lead is currently set in Legato mode however feel free to change this setting in EXS24 should you wish to use multiple voices.”

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  • A lovely textured yet smooth sound combo!

    These two sounds work great together, but also separately too! They feature a very distinct texture while also not being horror-like harsh. The sound signature is also kinda wet at the same time, without managing to lose the texture quality. I'm sure this will inspire many!

    Alex Raptakis02 November 2021
  • Awesome Ambient Textures

    As opposed to more smooth glass pads on pianobook this one has a little more grit and energy which i actually like. Its just enough while not being too much. You get both a pad and a lead here which is awesome. We see pads all the time derived from organic sources but not so much leads so its awesome that this was included. Im pretty inspired by this and i feel like im definitely gonna find use for it soon

    septemberwalk12 November 2021
  • Extraordinary pad

    The quality of the contents of this pack is amazing. The second preset is sublime, especially the low notes; the softness and delicacy with which the pad sounds makes this resource outstanding. The controls provided are sufficient to achieve good and useful variations. The interface is visually pleasing and comfortable.

    GuilleDSamplist 29 September 2022
  • Made It On To My Last Album

    Playing around with the pad and lead sounds in this library led me to make a very ambient demo track. I really enjoyed using the mod wheel to crossfade between the samples, so really wanted the demo to show this off by using a series of long evolving repeated figures that go right through the samples layers and back again as the piece progresses. I ended up liking this track so much that it ended up on my last album, Circuits. Only uses sounds from the library. No effects used other than a touch of mastering.

    Stephen Caulfield13 October 2021
  • Excellent glass sounds!

    This library offers up two presets, a lead and a pad. Both are excellent! The lead sound has a lovely bowed quality to it which has just enough character to be interesting, but not so much that it is overwhelming. The pad is tuned in 5ths, which maybe limits its playability a little bit, but it's still very fun and useful. These are great sounds, and highly useful. They're well recorded and edited, and they're a very worthy download!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021
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