The story

As a trumpet player, one of the most fun sounds for me is a trumpet on full blast.

If you are looking for that loud epic sound, look no further than the 4th installment in my Epic Brass Series.. This library was created with one velocity layer……LOUD! I have included 3 controls in this Kontakt instrument:

-Volume – to make it LOUDER!!
-Reverb – to make it more EPIC!!
-Lowpass filter – to tame the beast!!

This library was created with Kontakt 7.7.2, using the freely available samples provided by the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios.

If you enjoy this library, check out the rest of the Epic Brass series.




Reviews for Epic Brass – Trumpet

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  • Thank you, Mohn Audio!

    Five very nice brass instruments! A lot of character, very playable..A nice addition to Pianobook!

    planistSamplist 18 January 2024
  • Love this epic series, but...

    There's something really good about intruments that do just one thing, but they do it well. And this is one of those. Although personally I like the Epic French Horn Better.

    Just one tiny detail - a little mistake in the GUI. (In the version I downloaded the Gui had the wrong instrument name)

    Steves-Lens25 January 2024