The story

After years of using virtual instruments in my compositions, I have decided that it’s time to build my own.

This is my first attempt at a Kontakt instrument. It was a good learning tool for me to see how Kontakt works under the hood.

This library features the soothing sounds of a fully blasted bass trombone.
It is rather brash and very unapologetic, but Epic at the same time.

This library was created in Kontakt 7.7.2, using the free samples provided by the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios.


Reviews for Epic Brass – Bass Trombone

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  • What a blast-literally

    I love how unapologetically brash the tone is! Just such a satisfying, 'BLAATT!!' Love it

    dmiffittx14 December 2023
  • Trombone Sans

    Surprisingly nice sound for a 24 MB library. Will there be a tenor trombone version too?
    You could have chosen a much more suitable typeface than Comic Sans for the GUI of a bass trombone library.

    Steph21 December 2023