The story

My good friend William gave me this Kalimba to start experimenting with sampling. I tried to record small wood noises and nails on the tines on separate groups to give more organic feeling to the instrument.

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  • Warm and resonant.

    A lovely, detailed, warm and resonant Kalimba sound. The round robins are varied, so some are more different from others throughout the range, though in the real world I really don't see this as a problem. The GUI gives control over the volume of the "nails" which is nice - though a high level will highlight the differences in some of the round robins - though personally I really like this - gives it added character. The "release" control worked fine for me - worth noting though that it controls the volume of the release sample not the length of the release of the sounds. Reverb sounds really nice but doesn't have a GUI control so, assuming you have full Kontakt, if you don't like it just hit that spanner and delete/edit it from the 1st slot of the "Instrument Send FX". Overall, one of my favourite Kalimbas on PianoBook.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021
  • A lovely kalimba

    This is a very nice kalimba instrument that has a deep sound to it, with a special character that is defined by the room ambience. It is sampled very nicely and it also plays well. The additional Nail and Release samples are also good to have, though I feel that the Nails can add a bathroom-like echo if you increase the volume too much.

    As a minor detail, when performing, I find accessing the top velocity layer a little too hard to achieve, but it's there and it's not a problem when programming. Nevertheless, it's a cute little kalimba worth checking out!

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • Nice Kalimba with warmth but baked in reverb

    This Kalimba is warmer and more mellow than most others on pianobook which is really cool. The ability to control the noise of the nails is also awesome. I like this fully up for added character. I think one issue with instruments like these that have very character artifacts is that you can get the machine gun effect even if you have round robins. There were some notes here that made the same little artifact two times in a row with the third time being the second round robin. This takes way from the realism a bit. I think one additional round robin instead of repeating the first one twice would help out alot in this department. Also while the reverb sounds great, its baked into the sound. It would be nice to have control over this. Also to my ears the release control isn't doing anything but i could be wrong about this.
    Overall this is a really nice and warm sounding instrument but there are just others i prefer on pianobook. You still did a pretty great job though

    septemberwalk25 December 2021