The story

Just a basic kalimba, nothing special 🙂 This is my first attempt in sampling.
This kalimba sits next to my chair where I usually relax, and I like to sit with it in the late evenings, play and feel the vibration of the instrument.
Hope you like it!
Little demo:


Pavel Tessman


Reviews for Emotionless Kalimba

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  • it's a kalimba

    It's a kalimba sample. It sounds like a kalimba, and sounds pretty decent. This does not read as making a great statement, but it is praise.

    Seriously, it's a kalimba sample that just sounds like a kalimba, and works! Thank you! Job well done!

    I have looked in on the Pianobook site from time to time, for a while now, and love it. A wonderful idea, and a great resource. But so many things that turn up here would go something like: "I took an old kalimba, then recorded playing notes into an old 1970 portable mono cassette machine with built in microphone and automatic gain control. Then, I took the cassette, and ran it through a cycle in a clothes washer and dryer, and then sampled the cassette".

    Hey, wait! How about a kalimba sample set that, against all odds... sounds like a kalimba? Wow! What a concept! Again- good job.

    John Eagan15 April 2024