The story

Neutral Labs Elmyra.
A hackable drone synth recorded through a cheap tube preamp into a 1970s cassette player.
The instrument design was inspired by SOMA labs Lyra-8 and, due to the limited control is perfect for turning into a virtual instrument.



Neutral Labs Elmyra Sample Pack Demo

Reviews for Elmyra Synth

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  • 3 analog character synth sounds :)

    This is a no-nonsense library: 3 synth drone/pad/long sounds that have just enough character to stand on their own without much additional processing, and are just tame enough to work in a variety of contexts without being out of place. I love this stuff. Thanks James!

    sethbutlermusic02 September 2023
  • 3 layers of lo-fi synths

    This is a simple SFZ instrument that features 3 different layers of sounds that can be blend via the handy sliders in the "Controls"tab. The layers are very drone-ish, with a lot of texture and grit to them, and the fact that you can mix them however you want is a nice touch. You can also modify the global attack and release which is very useful for such sounds.

    The quality is on the lo-fi side, though it is what makes it a menacing drone. Having such a different kind of sounds in SFZ format makes it easier for people who are looking for such sounds for free.

    Alex Raptakis28 September 2022
  • Very noisy, but unique sound

    I think this is a cool idea. However it does sound a bit noisy to my ears, which would make it a little hard to use in a project.

    You get a pad-like sound with a lot of saturation, which can be nice for some occasions. It is just not really my favourite.

    If you like very noisy and raw-sounding pads though, then this is definitely worth to check out!!

    BenBerkenbosch27 September 2022