The story

Sample pack of Electronics EM-04. Recorded as is, with all the noise and path defects. If you need to get a clear sound without noise and low-frequency background – there is a noise file in the folder,
we use any noise suppressor, we train noise reduction in this section of noise.
More than 600 samples, all timbres were shot in two modes of the original chorus electronics. Implemented full control of two manuals, repeats the operation of the original device.
The only thing that works a little differently is the envelope, in the original device it doesn’t reset, and there are separate trigger buttons, from the right or left manuals.
The decent sampler does not have the ability to implement such a mode, it works out the envelope for each individual key.




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  • Thats a wrap

    Another banger, you don't miss. I am loving these freaking sonics!

    ARTA21 October 2023
  • I am hearing the song of Amazing Grace. I Love this one.

    Reminds me of bagpipes and organ.I'm going to play with this one a lot. Thank you so much for your time in dreating this one.Beaatiful sound. Makes me want to play Amazing Grace

    David Benjamin Warner02 March 2023
  • Nice sounds, with lots of controls !

    Great work ! It simply sounds good, not matter which sound you pick, and the presence of analog weirdness makes it better in my book.
    My only regret for now is that the bass release knob dont affect the orchestra and brass.
    Anyway great work, I surely will us that one, Thanks !

    FMorg03 March 2023
  • i love it is awesomer amazing i hope keep going to do more beatiful instruments vst3

    i love it is awesome amazing i hope you keep going to do more beatiful instruments vst3 greetins

    hugo1209 March 2023
  • When it works sounds awesome

    I am big fan of string synthesizers. I am big fan of soviet synths and soviet sci-fi. This library can bring one to me.
    However - it's like with real soviets synths - it's somewhat rough on the edges. Some sounds are not very good looped so you get various glitches and annoyning sounds. But when you dial proper sound - it sounds really amazing like it could be soundtrack of next Tarkovsky movie.

    SeverákSamplist 20 December 2023