The story

I sampled my old piano. It never tuned many years (10y?).
Recording made with Zoom F3 32bit float recorder, Clippy XLR EM272Z1 Matched Stereo Pair microphone.
Hope you enjoy it.


Reviews for EJiM Piano

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  • Inspiration
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  • Beautiful

    Thanx Mr Ejim, this is more than a wonder to me...

    Lüuüuüuü08 May 2023
  • Amazing piano

    Great sound, great character
    Thanks so much for sharing

    Lisa Heesters10 October 2023
  • i almost cry

    Made me remeber an old piano y played while i was learnining to sing, i dont know, i love the tune, thank you <3

    KaguyaIv25 June 2023
  • Inspiration

    Today I just started to use decent sampler ant tryed almost ten different piano sounds and this is the only one that sounds good to me. But it has something more than this, it opens to me a new way of hearing and playing simple pieces written by Chopin and Schumann. I miss some deepness and density but surprisingly I can hear great harmonics. It also allows a fine work on rhytm and melodic expression that I couldn't get before with my average instruments. This whole sound opens my mind and my skills on a new level. The initial preset is good but when I move it slightly it sounds like a total loss. It only sounds better to me without any reverb. Bass notes are almost ghosts. Maybe it is a more percussive sound but with a very deep enygmatic character. Thank you for sharing this.

    Atanas23 April 2023