Dusty Rings Keys

Mutable Instruments Rings sampled and turned into a polyphonic instrument

The story

I sampled my Mutable Instrument Rings and ran it through a cassette deck for some lofi hiss.

The sample is perfectly looped so it can be sustained infinitely. I added some chorus and reverb to spice it up a bit.

Key range is A-1 through C7.



Reviews for Dusty Rings Keys

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  • Nice 'Dusty' EP Sound

    What you get:

    Out of the box, 'Dusty Rings Keys' is a one-sample instrument enveloped to sound like a lo-fi electric piano.

    What I liked:

    Nice sound, likely usable in a wide range of genres.
    I also found it easy to adjust the UI controls to achieve a variety of alternative sounds (e.g., pad-like).

    What I would wish for:

    For any library that features a modular synth like 'Rings', I would love to see more sounds, and a broad range of them, something that more fully explores the capabilities of the synth (pads, bass, leads, plucks, etc.). I know this takes time/effort, but I imagine, it would be a very interesting and compelling library.

    Also, maybe bring the lo-fi hiss in as a separate component, with the ability to adjust it to taste?

    Thanks for providing this library! Look forward to more sounds from your gear!

    LoFoMusic08 August 2022