The story

I sampled my Mutable Instrument Rings and ran it through a cassette deck for some lofi hiss.

The sample is perfectly looped so it can be sustained infinitely. I added some chorus and reverb to spice it up a bit.

Key range is A-1 through C7.



Reviews for Dusty Rings Keys

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  • Can't Get Enough of it

    In the past few weeks this has become my go-to piano/pad/pluck sound. I just can't get enough of its warm, fuzzy tone. Very simple, and the white noise present could sometimes be annoying, but for me it just adds to its character. Love it.

    StoneeeeemoSamplist 30 January 2023
  • Nice 'Dusty' EP Sound

    What you get:

    Out of the box, 'Dusty Rings Keys' is a one-sample instrument enveloped to sound like a lo-fi electric piano.

    What I liked:

    Nice sound, likely usable in a wide range of genres.
    I also found it easy to adjust the UI controls to achieve a variety of alternative sounds (e.g., pad-like).

    What I would wish for:

    For any library that features a modular synth like 'Rings', I would love to see more sounds, and a broad range of them, something that more fully explores the capabilities of the synth (pads, bass, leads, plucks, etc.). I know this takes time/effort, but I imagine, it would be a very interesting and compelling library.

    Also, maybe bring the lo-fi hiss in as a separate component, with the ability to adjust it to taste?

    Thanks for providing this library! Look forward to more sounds from your gear!

    LoFoMusic08 August 2022
  • Lo-fi keys

    This is a fairly simple key instrument based on just one sample, which is stretched on the entire keyboard. The result is a very lo-fi e-piano sound signature with a lot of noise that adds to that lo-fi character. As it is though, every additional key you press builds up the noise in a wonky way, so it would be more preferable if the noise was isolated and added as an extra layer.

    The GUI offers some nice options, including full ADSR settings, chorus, filter and reverb, with a nice, bright and clean aesthetic.

    Alex Raptakis27 August 2022
  • Simple and functional

    This pack is simple, it doesn't have much mystery, but that doesn't mean that the content is bad. The sounds resemble those of a guitar with an effects pedal.

    The interface is a good size, neither too big nor too small. However, the controls are very close to the keyboard, there is hardly any space between them. I also think that so many controls were not necessary, even so, its inclusion is appreciated.

    Overall, the quality of this pack is more than decent.

    GuilleDSamplist 24 September 2022