Dusty Old Autoharp

Autoharp from the 1800's sampled in many varieties....

The story

I’ve used this old Autoharp from the late 1800’s on countless recordings though I never got around to sampling it. I plucked , E-bowed, reversed and used an actual bow. It is super raw and has lots of strange sonic artifacts that I love. “Autoharp With Ensemble Pad” is a multi featuring everything!

Pianobook has motivated me to capture some of my more eclectic instruments I have lying around. I may be re-locating back to L.A. for a stretch, and won’t be able to take all these old gems with me. Well, I kind of can!


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  • Lovely sound and beautiful multis!

    In typical Joshua fashion, you will find a single instrument and some multi patches that will make it fly. You don't have any control over them though, but I'm sure you will enjoy them as they are. The only weird thing to me is that in the single patch, there is a "missing" octave between the G3 and A3. Maybe that's how the instrument works, or maybe it was intended to be chords on the left hand and a higher pitch for the right hand.

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Beautifully captured nostalgic sound of harp

    Another nostalgic sound. It also has organic vibes accompanying to the harp, very beautiful.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021