The story

When Deep Harp was released, I was already looking forward to my next sampling adventure.
Since, I have continued to experiment with physical modeling, trying all sorts of different things and different approaches as I strive to learn more and more about this wonderful form of synthesis.

Today I am gladly presenting you with my latest work: Deep Orient.

While my previous Pianobook submission concentrated on delivering a Western orchestral instrument, this pack (as you may have guessed by the name of it) is more on the ethnic side of the musical fence.

Essentially, I wanted to create a melodic type of instrument with a very bold presence, one that would cut through any mix and give that raw, oriental flavoring to a production.

The result is this very Middle Eastern-inspired guitar, that offers two types of articulations to play with: A “picked” setting – triggered by the note of C2, and a “tremolo” setting – which is configured to D2. Both keyswitches are highlighted in yellow.

As far as how the creation process evolved, it was pretty much identical to that of my harp library.
The most prominent difference between the two instruments is that the latter was made using pure physical modelling methods, while Deep Orient relies on one of Vital’s core sounds.




Reviews for Deep Orient

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  • Enter From The East

    Having tried to get a number of instruments to sit well in a piece I was working on I tried 'Deep Orient' not really expecting it to work for the style . However, as the creator describes, the instrument is well designed to cut through a mix and provide clarity as well as distinctive character. The digital origins of the instrument turned out not to be a problem as the clusters of the tremolo patch sound nicely organic in context.

    The given controls facilitate reigning in or emphasising the different characters of the instrument and thus a reasonable amount of versatility is possible, from nicely organic to highly digital.
    Despite not being a found object this instrument really brings home the spirit of Pianobook because it is a solution you won't know need until you try it as I urge you to do.

    TheButlerDeclines15 January 2023