The story

Thanks to Vital (and Decent Sampler), I was able to come up with this experimental string instrument, intended to simulate a concert harp.

It has a two-and-a-half octave tonal range, starting from a low G2 to a high D5. Quite limited compared to the actual instrument, but I had to compromise due to technical reasons.

The sound was achieved using physical modeling synthesis. I used Vital to shape and sculpt the overall tone, then applied some filters and effects.

Practically, there are 3 different sound variations you can choose from and mix to your taste. They’re located to the left of the user interface.
The initials “H”, “R” and “S” stand for Harp, Reversed & Stretched.


Reviews for Deep Harp

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  • Character
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  • Problem with Decent Sampler

    Hi. Thank you for this, it sounds very good. But it seems to load inconsistently in Decent Sampler for iOS. Sometimes it reports an xml error, sometimes the reversed sounds are missing.

    thalia01 September 2022
  • A Full & Rich Harp

    The sound quality is exemplary, it's an inspiring and fun sample pack to play with I love mixing all three "mic positions" together to create a fun textured harp! The only thing I wish for is a greater range.

    I created a little video reviewing and walking people through it! Thank you Auditory for the great sample!

    SamuelPdaviesSamplist 01 September 2022
  • Impressive!

    It's amazing that this is the result of some physical modeling magic - the sounds are convincingly real and feel very musical. The reverse and stretched configuration options can help construct a nuanced effect that's very unique. Thanks for the effort on this and for sharing it here!

    Geoff Ereth26 August 2022
  • Happy Harp

    What a cheerful little sound. I really like this. The sounds are clean and very usable. Great character.

    NemoralisMusicSamplist 05 September 2022
  • non male

    Interessante , ma peccato che copre solo la parte sinistra della tastiera ,sarebbe stato più interessante se avesse avuto una gamma più ampia .

    Mandrillo17 September 2022
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