The story

After releasing two string-oriented instruments (a harp and a guitar),
I was up for a challenge. For my third physical modeling attempt, I wanted to create something different – a percussion instrument.

My initial creative thought was to try and sculpt some sort of a drum, possibly a hand drum.
Does it sound like one? You be the judge.

A bit on the technical features:

Deep Drum holds a tonal range of two octaves (plus one additional high C) and is made out of 50 individually sampled notes.
There are 25 “soft” samples and 25 “hard” samples. They represent the different timbres of the instrument.
These can be controlled through the big old Dynamics knob that’s in the middle.

On the left of the UI you have the standard ADSR controls. On the remaining side, I placed a couple of high and low pass filters, a distortion effect and reverb.

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