The story

A long time ago I was curious to make a library of samples but I didn’t know how to do it, besides I didn’t have a free way to do it and I didn’t know what to record but one day walking with my girlfriend I told her what I wanted to do and crossing words the idea came to record the typical instrument of my country Venezuela, then with a Cuatro that my grandfather gave me before he died and that I used in different events as an accompaniment, I set out to investigate how to create what I am sharing today

Reviews for Cuatro Venezolano

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  • A nicely sampled cuatro

    Even though this is a very simple and small instrument, it is very well made. While it doesn't have any round robins or dynamics, it plays very well and sounds really good. It is spread in 5 octaves, though I'd personally want everything to be placed one octave lower.

    Inside you will also find 3 different patches - the main, the percussive and the chords one. The main and the percussive are really good, but I find the chords a little too artificial sounding, since usually you want them to have some kind of variety between strokes. It's an extra though, so it's definitely worth it, just because of the main one!

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022
  • The whole instrument is at your fingertips

    I was first surprised about seeing a tab "percussion" in the dslibrary and I was pleasently surprised by hearing pretty much all the noises I could think of made by the Cuatra. The option for chords is a nice addition and I would like to see next time maybe adding sus chords, but that isn't necessary.
    It sounds good, the UI looks good, the variety of sounds are large, well done!

    Snake24 May 2022
  • Clear Cuatro Sound

    A simple, well recorded cuatro, which really shines in the instrument's natural register. It's a little synthetic-sounding in the uppermost octaves and the lowest notes would work best as a substitute for a punchy bass, but you can't really expect an instrument to sound too natural outside its natural range!
    There is a wealth of percussive noises included in an extra patch, as well as chords, which are a nice bonus. You can also make a nice pad/synth sound by tweaking the ADSR to remove the initial note attack.
    My only 'issue' with the instrument is that the B4 note clips early with a noticeable click. Hopefully this can be corrected with a fade-out in an update - or users could do it manually if they know their way around Decent Sampler.

    EamonSamplist 03 May 2022