Pads inspired by the universe.

The story

I must begin by saying that this is my first sample pack. I never thought of making one, but this month’s Discord challenge motivated me to learn.

To make this package, I was inspired by the phenomena occurring in the universe. Therefore, after taking the resources provided by Afrorack and LABS, I tried to make the samples have a devouring, deep, cold and spacious touch. Likewise, I made an effort to give the interface a simple and modern style.

This pad pack for Decent Sampler has 4 signals:

– Pulsar
– Quasar
– Blazar
– Nebula

The 10 built-in controls allow you to vary the ADSR, reverb, delay, and lowpass filters.

I sincerely hope you like the result. I would also be very grateful if you could leave your opinion in the comments section.


Reviews for COSMOS

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Smart GUI!

    A very nice and clean GUI! Very simple to read and the FX help extend the sound. My only problem is that the samples used seem to not blend well together due to slight differences in tuning. I think if they were more in-tune with each other, the FX would blend very nicely. Very good effort though!

    Angus Roberts-Carey23 June 2022
  • Atmospheric

    If you'll forgive the pun, what with there being no atmosphere out there, the sound is as planned - other-wordly.

    Crack up the reverb to max, set the volumes to about 20% / 40% / 100% / 40%, put the filter frequency around 3k and wobble that resonance slider whilslt playing a low discordant chord and... wow... my ears nearly bleed with the sound. Great!

    QorbeQ22 June 2022
  • Carl Sagan revisited!

    I've said it before, and I may well say it again, but I am hugely impressed with the first-timers in Decent Sampler at the moment! Wow!

    The nit-picker in me, though, notes that there's something strange about the sizing. For me, with a standalone version (tried it in 1.4.16 and 1.5.9), there are blank borders to the right and below, and the pitch and mod wheel are moved upwards, the first time that you load the .dspreset. If you resize the UI so that the borders are gone, then the pitch and mod wheel move downwards so only half is visible. This is probably going to be fixed in an update very soon!

    The UI is very nice. I love the little symbols in the centre of each rotary control! (But I was initially a little confused by the two filter symbols, until I realised that the one of the left is the cut-off frequency, whilst the one on the right is the resonance!) I'm not sure about the current trend to have an on/off menu just underneath a 'mic' slider that has almost the same function, but this is a minor point. What is a major point is that the sounds are very well chosen - a nice range of thick, brittle, haunting and noisy timbres, which work well together. 'Cosmos' seems like the perfect name for the sounds, although I suspect that it will also see use in the horror genre (I loved the use of the word 'devouring' for describing the feel of the samples! Totally apt!).

    I could only get the pan to work for the left-most 'Pulsar' sound, and looking at the XML code, then the position= parameters for the PAN need setting to 0, 1, 2, and 3, to fix this. Because the DS reverb blurs the stereo image, then not everyone will notice this, but I'm not everyone!

    In summary, (and this is definitely a more 'wintery' type of sound (!)), this is exactly the sort of sound that would have accompanied Carl Sagan talking about space if only Decent Sampler had been available back in the 1980s... (Is Dave H working on a time machine next?) Big, bold and imposing, and a perfect example of finding something amazing that was lurking in the Afrorack source material!

    synthesizerwriter22 June 2022
  • Visit a gloomy sounding Cosmos

    Especially the UI has done it to me; very nicely solved! But I also like the sounds that are possible. Also, they can be edited by the cleverly chosen parameters in many ways and can be adapted. I like such instruments that offer the user such possibilities, I'm looking forward to the next instrument from GuilleD!

    roberg27 June 2022
  • Spacey sounds in a sleek GUI

    The pack achieves the spacey sounds it set out for! There is one 'short attack' sound and 3 more suited to pad/ambient sounds, with some limited evolution. However there doesn't appear to be any looping, so the sounds can 'run out of oxygen' before intended, especially if you're playing higher pitch notes. Because of this it's ideal to dedicate the low-end to these pad-type sounds. However the instrument range doesn't really extend high enough to allow the more melodic sound to cut through over the top of these low pads.
    The GUI looks great and really cleverly incorporates graphics into the FX wheels to help explain the functions and minimise the need for excessive text. However there seems to be a bug when running on my (mac) system - the interface is narrower than DS standard, so my DS pitch and mod indicators end up pushed up above the reverb wheel, and my 'file' menu sits above the tuning, preventing me from re-pitching the instrument (eg. to get those higher pitches in the melodic notes). Might be worth running some GUI tests on a mac, because I noticed some variation in things like text size when swapping between the 2 systems on my own instrument.

    Eamon25 June 2022