The story

It was one more sunny day during a lockdown, which was getting really long…
I had been thinking about this modular patch I made, for one of my tracks. I was
so sure I could make an cool sounding instrument out of this same module, that I finally
decided to give it a shot. And here we are, a few days later! Here is the result I
came up with.

The reason why I decided to make this very instrument is probably because
this patch has been really inspiring for me. I remember pressing the record button, and
wait like 10 minutes just to see where it would take me… and it worked out pretty well.
I hope this will be as inspiring for you as it has been for me, and I wish you the best for
your musical journey!

Reviews for Cloudy Dreams

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Moving into the Upper Atoms

    Heavenly Sounds. Great patch as so much distorted sounds coming from other Experimentalists in the World of VCV. I will be adding this into my next composition with added FX further down the chain. Thank you, keep going.

    ConstellationX16 October 2021
  • Synth Raindrops

    This is a really great synth type swarm pad. It has a very bubbling evolving quality thats really interesting and fun. I hope someone converts this to kontakt or decent sampler because its an awesome instrument. I think its unique for pianobook too as i cant really remember a synth sound that sounds quite like this. Its almost like a pad but with alot of interssting stuff happening ontop. The GUI has some simple controls which is really all you need for this instrument

    septemberwalk12 November 2021
  • Dreamy retro swarms!

    Although kind of limited in terms of playability, this little one has an amazing sound quality to it and it may inspire you by a lot! The instrument produces this kind of swarm that reminds me of old arcade games. The range is quite good, and each key addition makes it even more interesting. There are enough controls to shape the sound a little bit like ADSR, but don't expect to do any major sound design overhaul.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Evolving keys

    This is a fun granular patch. I hesitate to call it a pad as it's a bit too active for that. There are ten different zones spread across the keyboard, each with slightly different variations of the sound. In playing chords, you get a swarming or thrumming effect where the notes interact rhythmically with each other. It's quite enthralling and fun. The sound does eat up a lot of space in a mix, so I'd probably want to use EQ to carve out a lot of the lows if I were to use this in a track. Even so, this is a fun and unique sound, well recorded, and well edited. Excellent work!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021
  • Cool instrument, needs GUI...

    I understand that SFZ has it's limits, but this sample instrument is far good enough where it might be worth converting it into a Decent Sampler or Kontakt format to take advantage of having a custom GUI. Really cool sounds that swarm and evolve nicely. Great work!

    Christopher28 October 2021