The story

First of all, I’m not a vocalist… but I like to play with voices, even with mine.
I like the sound of throat singing, more like if it is in the low registers. The sound of it switches my imagination on and I can see an undergrund temple of a dark lord with hooded statues in my mind, haha.
For these samples I recorded my own throat singing voice used my beloved Aston Origin microphone. I took several takes because I’m not a professional throat singer, then selected those which my ears liked the most. I used Sennheiser’s free AMBEO Orbit plugin to create a surround type of sound, so I recomend headphones to use.
It is a very simple library with one by one tuned tracks from C3 to C1 and Reverb with Room control and Delay with its basic contols.
I hope you will enjoy it!

Update: Loop enabled for long sustain




Reviews for Choir of the Fallen

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • The Rise of the Dark Lords

    Great instrument!!! it sounds dark and deep, almost ominous, but still crispy, perfect for heavy drones :-)

    alber2000Samplist 11 November 2023
  • gostei muito mano

    gostei muito do plugin tem um som maravilhoso e gostei muito de usar

    luambajrnavoz16 January 2024
  • Great

    This is really good ! Lots of utility, and inspiration.

    Thethings728 January 2024
  • From the depths!

    Great sample pack, very useful to create a dark ambient. I used this in my song:

    Pietro Ventus23 January 2024
  • Epic

    This is a unique and useful patch. Glad to have it in my toolbox.

    Kaze15 November 2023
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