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Children’s Choir is a small chamber children’s choir recorded at the G.V. Sviridov Music School No. 1 where I work as a classical guitar teacher. Choirmaster – Daria Galimyanovna Khusainova. This library contains the basic vowels u a mm. It’s not big, but it has a nice warm sound that will bring your tracks to life.


Sergey Ivanov

Children's Choir demo


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  • 太喜欢了


    ADAMSLee27 April 2023
  • Simple et efficace

    Je ne trouvais pas de choeurs d'enfants sur ma komplete native et en cherchant un peu je suis tombé la dessus.
    C'est simple mais ça fait bien le job et ça va me permettre de démarrer des projets plutot cool
    Merci beaucoup pour cette librairie

    DJOF16 April 2024
  • Pure and simple

    Who doesn't love a childrens' choir? In these days of so many instruments offering a zillion ways to tweak them, it's almost cathartic to find something so simple, clean and beautiful. This one is nicely recorded and once I figured out the keyswitches and the slightly odd mapping of the keyboard to the recorded notes it's not hard to use despite packing multiple articulations in.
    All in all it's a joy. Thank you Sergey.

    Giles M28 October 2022
  • Nice and simple children's choir

    This is a nice little library with the beautiful sound of a children's choir. There are 3 mic options, a build in reverb and it can be switched between a few different vowels. The samples don't loop and last for about 4-5 seconds. It is possible to add some expression with the mod wheel and you get about 1 and a half octaves to play with. It was just a bit odd that the samples are mapped very low on the keyboard, but that is no big deal. Overall a very useful and easy to use library when you need a childern's choir.

    AndromedaX822 September 2022
  • Clean sound! But sadly not loopable...

    I know looping can be hard to get right, but I think this library would greatly improve with a looped version of the voices. The sound quality of the samples are really good! The GUI looks really clean (I like it).

    Small thing: The name of the .zip has a "(1)" after it, probably because you zipped it twice or something like that, anyways, I got a little confused because of that, but no worries if you don't wanna put in the effort of removing it, it doesn't change the sound a bit ;)

    Snake22 September 2022
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