Cassette Poly

A modified Korg Poly 61 captured on cassette tape...

The story

“The Cassette Poly” by Constant Little Ghost

My old (modified) Korg Poly 61 synth has a wonderful quirky character which I wanted to capture. Due to battery acid damage it’s needed some repairing and even now isn’t in the best of health – I fear it may not last much longer!

Instead of simply recording straight into my computer I decided to capture the notes on cassette first to create something a bit interesting. The cassette samples were then imported along with all the noise and hiss that comes with old tapes.

The sounds have a raspy, mellotron-like quality (I haven’t denoised the raw samples), but I’ve added a touch of filter (which can be controlled with the modwheel) to help shape the sound and and also manage some of the noise.

The Cassette Poly Kontakt Instrument has three versions:
1) “Original” – closest to the organ-like recordings.
2) “Soft and Long” – a longer release.
3) “Expressive” – more filter control options (modwheel, velocity & aftertouch) as well as some dynamic velocity control over the envelope: Play softer, the dampened tones have a longer attack and release. Play harder and the brighter notes have a shorter attack and release.

If you’re interested I’ve made a YouTube video documenting the creation of these samples. Feel free to dip in!

Hope you enjoy playing with them.



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  • Some nice warm sounds.

    This sample library of the Korg Poly is very warm and organ-like, however a lot of the time, almost too warm. For something that has been recorded to tape, the kind of character you typically want from tape is missing and instead there is an overabundance of low-mid frequencies which gives everything a dull sound, and also makes this difficult to implement into a mix. However, it has been programmed well and is very playable out of the box. I'm eager to see what you come up with next!

    R.Treves21 October 2021