Cassette Mood

A Mood pedal captured on a Tascam Cassette tape...

The story

‘Cassette Mood’ is a result of experimenting with finding a lovely pitched down loop on the Chase bliss ‘Mood’, and firing it (Pretty cranked) into an old 4 track Tascam Porta Two. Enjoy!


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  • Its a decent instrument!

    This is a cool instrument, mostly within a two octave range in the middle of the keyboard. Where the sample has been stretched, the tape warble speeds up with it and it spoils what is otherwise a great sound. The recording quality is as you'd expect from a tape recorder and the pitch warble is great. Play in that middle two octaves and create some wonderful tape drones.

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • Funky!

    Super cool and unique! Nailed the GUI look and feel. It is very distinct and I didn't see a way to adjust the wobble of the loop, but the sound is excellent. The low-end reminded me a bit of a bass that would be in a Batman film. I really like the sound.. but I have to need a very specific need for that wobbly watery synth sound.

    Ada Maskil18 October 2021